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GPS for graves

Yesterday, we went to visit Andrew's grandparents' grave. We have not been for years and this visit had been in the plans for quite a while. It's just that we could not seem to find a day and time suitable for everybody. There's always something going on with different members of the family.

Well, we finally made it yesterday. We went out at 9AM. We went to many different places looking for flowers. It was too early for florists and so we scoured the markets. When we finally track down one at PJ Section 17, the fruit seller told me that there's only ONE florist at the market and they are not open that day!

Round and round we went and finally got some at the SEA Park market. Off to the graveyard after that.

Then came the problem. We have not been for quite a while. They have built a retaining wall. There were many additional graves at the site. We felt really lost.

David asked, "Got no address meh?"

"So what you expect? With an address and we use GPS??"


Finally, Andrew called his aunt for some directions and we found it. I stood in front of it and actually added a foursquare address on it. I know it's not cool to do so since it's not a building but hey, it will speed up looking for Ah Ma and Ah Yeh again, why not?

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