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DanceArt's 2010 Christmas Party

This happened on 29th Nov (Monday) I thought it was totally great. We had great fun, well, at least I did.

The instructions were to bring a little something to share (food/drinks) and to bring a little gift for exchange.  In the end, we had so much food. Malaysians' "Little Something" is never little.

On the menu;

Cupcakes ( 2 different kinds)

Fried mee hoon

Yummy-licious salad

Chocolate cake

Loads of jelly

Apple crumble




Swiss roll

Chocolate Fondue

And loads of other stuff, which I can't remember.

We had great stuff to dip into the fondue too - strawberries, mashmallows, bananas. Nobody remembered the knife for the bananas and so the whole banana was dipped into the choc. I felt so stuffed after only one!

The cupcakes for Stephanie were beautifully decorated with Christmassy decorations which were not edible. So Kyra very kindly wrote a note telling everybody that decos are not 'eatable'. There were scrumptious pink cupcakes from Samantha too.

Luna also brought candy canes. So appropriate for a Christmas party.

I could not find my Christmas CDs ( please note, it's still November, and therefore, Christmas CDs are still heaped under somewhere), text Su-Anne to bring them, Su-Anne asked Suemae to get them and Suemae, being a mummy of a young child, had her mind on other essentials. Then we called Marcus to bring them and when he came, he declared that nobody uses CDs anymore. Hence, the Christmas party had no Christmas jingles.

In fact, we actually played games to, er, Lady Gaga. We kicked off the games section with the newspaper game. True to their training, they 'practised and rehearsed' on eventual poses for when the newspapers get folded into teeny tiny pieces.

We also had a matching game.Loads of people were at a blur, simply because they did NOT know their ballets. Future DanceArt Christmas party participants, please take note - do your homework! Then there's the passing the balloon. That was a blast. And of course there's Charades.

Last but not least, the gift exchange.

This posting seemed dull but I assure you, it was not. It's just that my brain is not in a 'write a blogpost' mode. Then, a picture paints a thousand words. So go to DanceArtMelawati FaceBook and check them out. They are all courtesy of Alison, the official photographer for the night.



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