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work work work

I should consider myself blessed when there's so many things going in my life. after all, if nothing is going on, boredom sets in, brain degenerates and before I know it, I have one foot in the grave.

These days, I spend most of my time preparing for the up coming ISP (Intensive Study Period) This year, I shall be tutoring 2nd years. Previously, it had been the 1st years, so I had all my notes well prepared. Suddenly, they throw me a curve ball and asked me to do 2nd year. As always, I am open the challenges and therefore, I accepted.

Last week, I also went for a knee surgery, arthroscopy. They discovered badly torn meniscus, worn out cartilages. In short, I am a wreak. So for days, I have been hobbling round , first on crutches, then I progressed to a cane. My bro-in-law remarked that with a cane, I look like Yoda from Star Wars. Disagree with him, I do not. But fight like Yoda, I cannot.

Being temporary crippled has its advantages. One, I can't go anywhere and therefore, I stay home and do my work. Then, when we were at the supermarket, a checkout cashier actually rushed to open up a special counter for the disabled!

But of course there are tons of disadvantages. There were so many Chinese New Year goodies that I am missing out. Prior to my surgery, Alison also went for one. So, both of us are missing out on loads of delicious yummy stuff.

I am also catching up on movies. It acts as a stress buster for when my brain goes a litte soft from trying to continously churning out notes.

My classes? I have some great girls. They are stepping up to help. Plus, when I get back to work, I shall be blasted with replacement classes.

Excuse me, I need to get back to work again.

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