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My dining table

Yesterday, my dining table top saw the light of day again. For the past few weeks, it was strewn with ......... stuff! Stuff like my NetBook, syllabus books, notes, stationaries, trainees assignments, CDs, DVDs.

But ISP ended last Wednesday. ´╗┐The reports, mark sheets and DVDs are finally done. It feels so good to be 'free', at least for a short time.

Exams are 3 weeks early this year for my students. I panicked! They are NOT ready. Extra classes upon extra classes will occupy my time for the next few weeks.


I don't need the cane anymore. I have been going to the physiotherapist at the hospital. She really enjoys her work - torturing! She bullies people into doing just a few more, or pushes one further with added weights etc. But it worked. I am not so wobbly anymore. And I promised her that I will dance for her someday.

Those reports was really challenging. I stayed up till 3am on Saturday night. By the last one, I was staring at the computer screen and absolutely nothing was coming out of my brain. But still I made sure it was done. But it was so exhausting that when I went to bed, I couldn't fall asleep at ll.

My Alison made it on the Dean's list. So proud of her. She began driving lessons but I am not allowed to say anything about it.

Just before ISP, I discovered 5 ulcers under my tongue. It was such torture. When I taught, I could not demonstrate because I was still hobbling. I could not speak due to those dratted ulcers. I felt so completely disabled.

Wookie goes for his grooming at a new place, nearer to home. Today, he came home with a neckerchief. He looks like John Wayne. He drools so much that the groomer thought itwould help keep him dry for a bit, I suppose. A while ago, Alison took him upstairs. I asked her to take it off for him. He won't need it when he's sleeping. But he was totally possessive about it, insisted we put it back on.

I lost 2 kg. 8 more to go to beat my brother with our very own 'bigger loser'.

ISP week had been interesting. This time, I get to work with the same group of trainees I had last year. I thought this was great. I do not need to spend the 1st day 'getting-to-know-you'. I could just get straight to work. Being the 2nd year, the module covered many topics. I am glad I planned thoroughly and that made it easier to cover all topics required.

It is great to be able to move around without hobbling too much. I will be getting another SynVisc injection the day after my students' exams. Seems like I am spending all my days off recuperating my knee.


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