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What does one wear?

What does one wear to meet God?

When people die, do they meet God in the garb that they were wearing when they die to see God? Or do they wear what they were dressed for the coffin?

If they wear whatever they were wearing when they die, what about those who died in the hospital, especially in the operating theatre. They will not be wearing any undergarments and those gowns have about 4 pairs of strings to be tied to keep it together. Most of the time, they make you 'moon'. So do you meet God in that? And when you bend over in reverence to Him, would the gown sort of fall apart and expose your bare-naked butt to all those worshipping angels?

Let's take option 2, going in your coffin garb. Most of the time, dead people are dressed in uncomfortable clothes like suits or dressy stuff. I have heard that undertakers sometimes do not even put on their undergarments or shoes. Something to do with stiff rigor motis or whatever..

How can one walk up to meet God with no underwear???????

I like to take comfort with a certain unverified thought. Perhaps angels will take me to a room to get cleaned up and dress up before I have an audience with Him. Ya, that will be good.

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