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In pursuit of a .......... Toy

"Why do you want an Iphone?" This was a question asked by hubby.

"Why? There's absolutely no reason to the why. And do I need it? No! I just simply WANT"

So it was not a question of need rather of a want.

Here's the saga.

This goes back to many, many months ago. The Iphone was simply calling out to me.........'Get Me, Get Me' But I chose to ignore, believing there's no need for it. I had been using Sony Ericsson for a while now and have gotten used to it.

About 3 weeks ago, Citibank sent me a notice in the email...........blah blah blah. The bottom line was, it seemed a really good deal. So the next day, I made my way to the service provider that supplied Iphone.

No stock!


No idea. Probably 7th July.

Ok, that was about 2 weeks wait. Why not. I was told to terminate any supplementary lines which might cause a problem with the 'porting' procedure. ( I was with the blue company and needed to defect to the yellow one)

So I made my way to another part of town and terminated my supplementary line. All set and ready to go!

On a casual browsing session one fine Sunday night on 4th July, I noticed that the Iphone available date is the 3rd!

Grabbed Alison and made our way to Solaris. I went to the SS2 outlet a few times and the queue is unbelievable. So we figured Solaris is a better bet. We, of course, got lost several times on that journey, missing turns and making wrong ones, ending up in some kampung somewhere. We even got to a place marked 'MERBAHAYA!' (DANGER!)

When we got there, the sales rep pointed out to us that the site I visited was out of date. It actually said 3rd of JULY! I plead to being blind!!!!!

So then the next day( the 6th) I texted the sales rep and he confirmed, YES available tomorrow!(7th)

I made my way there ....again on the 7th, feeling absolutely excited but a glitch pricked my bubble. The porting is not immediate, subject to my current service provider's approval. I have to wait 24 hours.

I waited and waited and WAITED. Then a text message came - not approved! WHAT! How can it be????

I went to Solaris the next day. Then to resolve the issue, went to the blue company to find out exactly what was wrong. The reason they gave was that I had exceeded the amount, and I know I had not.

It turned out that they did not terminate my supplementary line!!!!!!! They told me they had just deactivated it. I cannot understand which part of the "I want to terminate my supplementary line" was not clear. To place the cherry on top of the pie, I was told that they do that so that I can have the same line if I change my mind! That's utter stupidity. When I want to kill it, I want it to remain DEAD!

Hence, with that resolved, I have to wait, yet ANOTHER 24 hours!

But, exactly 24 hours later ( not any earlier) my phone shows, "Inactive SIM"

YAY! At last. After classes, I made my way to Solaris, yet again but this time absolutely certain I am getting my grubby hands on my new Toy.

So now I am a happy owner of a new Iphone! (White, of course) With it, teething problems of a newbie user. I have never used any Apple products before and it's a whole new ball game. The learning curve is steep. Hubby commented, " How come so many problems one?"

To which I replied, "I wanted an Iphone because it's something new to fiddle with. It's a new challenge. Perhaps pretty soon it will be a 'been there, done that' and I am off pursuing yet another new.......Toy"


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