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I hate Thursdays!

I don't like Thursdays. It comes before Friday. And I DON'T LIKE Fridays nor Saturdays.

It's just TOO long. Right after Saturday ends, Sundays comes and goes very quickly. Then the rest of the days sort of speeds by faster than you can say Superman and it parks on Friday again.

Perhaps it's just all in my mind, thinking that time passes super duper slowly on those two days. Or perhaps I was just counting the minutes and therefore it seemed slow.

Perhaps it’s because I finish late on Fridays and have to begin working early on Saturdays. I have never been a morning person. Ask me to stay up late (or early, since it’s till the early hours of the next day) and I will not have a problem. But if I am asked to wake up early – woe to me!

I have been told time and again if I sleep early, the body rests and repairs itself. But I could never understand the concept. If I sleep later and wake up later, that will still give me the necessary amount of sleep, no? My body is merely on India time.

Today is Thursday  L. But it could be worse. It could be Friday!

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