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Today I cleared my fridge

Today I cleared my fridge. It's amazing how much needs to be thrown out after a while. Some food stuff have expired in 2009!

I also cleared the vegetables. Whenever I do that, strange concoctions will appear on the dinner table. I made 'chap choy' ( mixed vegetables ) or I prefer to call it, 'whatever I can find in the fridge' dish.

This only means I have cleared space to go shopping again tomorrow. I wonder why I bother to clear space when I am going to pack it in again the next day. But at least I will not have expired foodstuff lurking about in my fridge.

Not too long ago, David made a peanut butter sandwich with expired peanut butter. He freaked out and drank lots of water, hoping to drown whatever bacteria that was in it, I guess. But it was not bacteria laden. In fact, expired food is good for a while after the expiry date or so I've been told.

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