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"Mummy! We have not reached the toll yet! Why did you take the Tag?"

When we moved to Klang two years ago, I bought SmartTags for all drivers in the family. We use the highway so much I figured it will be a good idea to have another option.

I was so right. At times, the cash queue is sooooooooooo llllooooooooooooonnnnnggggg you don't even see the end. Touch n Go can become equally bad.

Some people stick the mount on their windscreen. But the Cheongs do not ever stick anything in their cars. When I had my 1st car, I stuck something on the dashboard ( air freshener, I think ) and long after I threw away the air freshener, the icky bits of double-sided tape was still stuck fast on the surface, irritating me every time I see it.

So I keep the SmartTag in a compartment and take it out whenever I need it. Usually, I'll place it on one of those non-slip mats on the dashboard and replace it into the compartment after I exit the highway.

Yesterday, as I was approaching the toll on the highway, I removed the Tag ( clear sign I was NOT thinking ) Alison sort of mini-yelled, "Mummy! We have not reached the toll yet! Why did you take the Tag?"

In surprise, I fumbled and dropped the Tag onto the floor of the car! I moved my leg to get at it and it moved even further away. ( All this while approaching the toll plaza, with one hand on the steering wheel, the other reaching to the floor of the car, one eye on the road- not wanting to hit the booths, and another squinting downward to see where the Tag went )

The toll plaza loomed bigger as I got near. 'It's not working. I wont get it.' I pulled the car over right in the middle of the road. Thank God Setia Alam toll is not a busy one. Then I used TWO eyes to locate the Tag and place it on the non-slip mat again. I was watching some documentary the other day stating that one needs two eyes for accuracy. That was why I could not get it :)

Then when all was in order I burst out laughing, thinking how I would have scolded or cursed some other car if they had done what I did. Alison was NOT amused!

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