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Gripe-ing about CSI

Last night I watched the much hyped up CSI Trilogy. As one can deduce from my heading, I am NOT happy.

1. It should not be titled 'CSI Trilogy'. 'CSI Raymond Langston Trilogy' would have been better. Where were the scenes of all three teams together? On the 1st one, it was Horatio Caine and Raymond Langston. The next, featuring the New York team was Mac Taylor and Raymond Langston. Then the 3rd episode was in Vegas with its team AND Raymond Langston.

2. On the whole, it was a big letdown. The storyline began with chopped up body parts of women in Miami. It spelt intrigue and mystery. As it goes on, the Vegas and hence, the appearance of Dr. Langston was explained. Then when it took off to New York with Dr. Langston pursuing the trail, I could not follow the logic. "I will catch the killer" (konon) He is just a rookie CSI. His place is in a dingy lab in Nevada. Ok, excuse me, a high tech lab in Nevada. Does he have a say on where he is to go? His team leader, Catherine Willows should be the one on the phone with him while he was in Miami saying, "Ok Ray, whatever it takes. Follow the lead" or something like that. [ Excuse me if I am nit-picking]

3. It was censorship galore last night. Bleeps here and there and scene 'fast-forwarded'. CSI talks about dead people and crime. There's no prettiness in it. Except for, perhaps, Catherine Willows. Her make overs have made her so plasticky and she has the permanent 'freshness' about her. Words like S.O.B was bleeped but even an idiot can read lips and know that was said. Then 'hookers'. Since it was a story primarily about women being captured to be hookers etc, surely one can expect that word to pop up very often. So there you are, funny blanks all over the show! Thank goodness, by the 3rd segment, the censorship board has grown tired/fallen asleep/hungry and want to leave early or resigned to the fact that if they can't beat them to join them. Therefore, it was left quite intact. There were so many moments I turned to Alison and said, "What! WHAT? What happened? How did we get here?"

4. The ending was such a letdown. Links to gang-related syndicates and blahs sort of simmered out. Truth be told, perhaps I am a little blur, I still don't know who orchestrated all the killings. With the final episode it just featured the Dr. Langston, Super CSI looking for that kidnapped girl.

I seemed to be bitching a lot about the Raymond Langston character. In my humble opinion, he is the 'New Kid On The Block' and should not be given so much air-time. but perhaps he is the highest paid one and therefore should be used to death. He will never, ever be able to 'replace' Grissom, if that's what they are trying to do.

If I were to produce the CSI Trilogy, I would bring back Grissom. Have him featured, somehow as the link in all the three episode. Now THAT would be a Trilogy. After all, he was the ORIGINAL CSI.

I know, some will tell me I have missed the point. It's the crossovers and the link is the case. Dr. Ray was used as a base for the link.  Excuse me for going on and on about this but I have wasted three hours of my life! I had expected more.

[Disclaimer: This is entirely my opinion and with no intention of slurring anybody. I also have nothing against Dr. Ray Langston, only the way he was made the central character when it's not quite his turn yet]

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