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Scary Movies

I just watched Coraline on the movie channel and it has made it into my list of 'scary movies'. Is this suppose to be a kid cartoon? Or does cartoon exists anymore? Perhaps the politically correct term would be animation.

I watch all sorts of stuff, sci-fi, murder/investigations/ horror but Coraline successfully 'crept' up to the top of my creepy list. I am all creeped out!

What was so creepy about it? People with buttons for eyes for one. I think the music played a huge part in it too. Then there's 'all seemed normal but it is not environment'.

My godgirls watched it so many times that they have memorised the script. I am amazed they are not scared of it. Perhaps they are made of tougher stuff than me.

Even the official website is creepy - with a button spinning on the screen while it loads.

I am all creeped out! I am going to curl up in bed and play some games and perhaps wash out/dilute the creepiness out of me.


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