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I was flipping channels earlier this evening and came across Carrie on one of the movie channels.

I watched Carrie ages ago when I was still in school. A bunch of us went after school and there were 2 scenes that was permanently etched into my mind.

1. The scene when Carrie was crowned the Prom Queen and a pail of pig's blood was poured over her.

2. The final scene when a bloody hand shot out of the ground and grabbed the girl. I remember screaming my head off and irritated some people in the front row. But it was really scary. Even after so many years and even when I knew it was coming, I still feel crept out.

I didn't remember much of the rest though. It's strange how the brain works. What was memorable and what was not.

I made Alison watch these 2 scenes because I think they were iconic Seventies movie moments. At the final scene, I was covering my ears and half closing my eyes. Alison did so too, not knowing what was coming next. Wookie sort of nonchalantly looked at the both of us.

It brought back some memories - the Seventies, schooldays, school friends, the fashion with frilly off shoulder dresses. Long, long maxi. Farrah Fawcett hair. Guys with long curly hair, polyester shirts.


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