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Physical Pleasure

What gives one physical pleasure and satisfaction?  Here's my list.

1. When something absolutely delicious goes into my mouth. ( I do not have 'favourite' food. I have favourite FOODS. )

2. At the end of a long day, when my head touches the pillow. This includes those extra moments after the alarm rings and the very special times when it's raining outside.

3. A tall tall glass of water when I am EXTREMELY thirsty. To gulp it down.............ah!

4. To peel off my clothes when it's hot and sticky and hit the showers. This is super duper satisfying. Especially after a good workout doing household chores, knowing that when I step out of the showers, it's into a clean, clean house.

5. To dance. No elaboration needed here.

6. A massage. ( Not the ones I have to go to every two weeks. Those are for therapy and it's torturous. Ones I mean are those that almost lull me to sleep)

7.The euphoric feeling of killing a super difficult boss in a game.

8. The feeling one gets after a good stretch. All loose with no kinks in the body.

9.Sex. (Due to the general viewing of this blog. This shall not be elaborated here.)

10. The most satisfying activity that gives extreme pleasure is to scratch a good itch. The ecstatic feeling is almost orgasmic very nice.

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