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Cow Brains

We sometimes use this terminology to describe someone who does not use his/her brains to its optimum. Although, I think it's quite  slur, at least to the cows.

I live in an area whom a friend describes as 'country roads' area, depicting very 'ulu', 'terpencil', 'secluded', countrified.......... I can't agree more because we get all sorts of 'wild' experience. ( not wild as in clubbing or orgies or stuff like that. Wild as in the great Africa plains)

Many a times, when I come back late in the night, I will encounter a whole herd of cows galloping (yes, galloping, I kid you not!) to wherever they were going to. Cars will come into a automatic halt to allow these beasts cross the road. One would not want to manoeuvrer through them anyway, for fear of hurting them or the car.

These herds move per protocol. Usually, there will be a few bulls and mostly the adult cows moving in the front. Then comes the calves and the teenagers. Then there will be more adults after that . You will ALWAYS see the alpha male at the rear. He will move majestically, making sure there are no stragglers. I always look to see if there's a cowherd hurrying them along pushing them into the gallop but there's almost always none. What spurs them to gallop like that?

I will always sit in my car, in a half fear, hoping they don't knock into my car and with a tremendous sense of awe at how such ordinary animals like domestic cows can tap into their instinct to behave and look like their distant relative, the wildebeest of Africa. Therefore, I don't need to travel to Africa to experience such a rush. I wonder how I shall get giraffes or lions ( or their similar ) to simulate the entire African experience.

But this posting is not about cows or Africa. It's about cow brains. When I see such order in their herds, one cannot help but realise cow brains are not that 'simple'. I think cows are very smart. They know the little ones have to be in the middle so they are protected. The Alpha is right behind, making sure all's well.

The other day, I witnessed an incident which makes me think that it's some humans that have cow's brains, although to say that seemed to compliment them. I was on my way to work, driving along 'country road'. A solitary cow was standing on one side, clearly wanted to cross. So I stopped and allowed her to do so. There was an oncoming truck, pretty far away. I thought it will stop or at least slow down to allow this cow to go across. But instead, it sped up and provoked the cow, making it as if he was going to hit her. The cow got agitated and wandered about for a while in the middle of the road, nearly running into my car. The truck passed the cow and the driver stuck his head out and yelled at the cow.

Who has the Cow Brain? I am sorry. To say that is to compliment that idiotic driver for cows DO have brains and stupid drivers who thinks that they are smarter than cows do not.

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