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Cutting off my toe..............

............ nails.

It's confirmed. I HAVE to do it. I have to have that minor operation done.If not, I shall have to go to the podiatrist month after month to clip off those stupid ingrown spurs or whatever you call them.

I went to the clinic in Solaris on Tuesday. This place is a lot less busy than the Taman Tun clinic. In future, I shall go to this one. As one ages, time is an important factor. I want to try not to waste them waiting at clinic waiting rooms.

Anyway, Dr. Ahmad got rid of my 'August annoyance' and we scheduled the operation for 6th September. But today, the receptionist called and said it can't be done on that date because the clinic will be closed for 2 weeks for Raya! They will not be open when my wound needs re-dressing.

So it's been rescheduled for 24th August. After the op, I shall have to sit quiet for a few days. The less I move, the faster it will heal. Looks like it's gonna be movie time for me then.

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