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I had a sudden cookie making urge. Alison pounced on it, knowing that it might go *puftt* in 2 shakes or a duck's tail. We took the footstool and rummage through my baking shelf. All the flour we have have expired! We do not have enough choc chips and we are low on sugar.

"Shall we go get some supplies?" I asked Alison. She was off like a bolt of lightning to get changed.

So there we were, driving towards Tesco when we discovered the new Giant opens today. So we made a detour to check out the new place.

We actually live a pretty sad life here in Klang. Every time, something new comes up, we get quite excited about it. Well, when I say 'we', I don't mean the entire Klang community, just the Cheongs. When Tesco was being built, we 'followed' the entire progress with the greatest anticipation. When the roof went up, we got pretty excited. When they painted the place, we got even more excited. And when they tested the lights, we were over the moon.

This was not the case with Giant. There was a sign on a piece of vacant land that told us it's the site for a future Giant. Day in day out, we starred at the sign. Then suddenly one day, there's they were clearing the land. But the building was going ever so slowly, we thought we will never see it completed.

Completed, it did! So Alison and I promptly took a trolley, went into every aisle and checked out the whole place. They were slashing the prices of so many things that we really loaded up the trolley. But of course this was only due to the opening. No matter, we stocked up on shower gels, hand soaps, toothpaste and stationary.

We did, of course, remember to buy the ingredients for cookie too.


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