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My 2010 Grade Twos

I love my Grade Twos. I enjoy teaching them. They are a noisy, intelligent, cute bunch of kids. They can be very mischievous but very apt.

Once, one of them got very upset when the rest of the class was laughing at something she did, Hannah told her, "My Daddy says, when people laugh, they are not laughing at you. They are enjoying you" I thought that was so sweet.

Today, they were 'crashing' their foot down on the floor at the end of the Grand Battement. So I told them we shall declare today as 'Love Your Toes Day'. Nicole promptly said, "Cannot. Today it is no plastic bag day in Jusco"."But it's not Jusco here. It's the Ballet School. So at Ballet School, it's Love Your Toes Day".

I shamelessly practise emotional blackmail in this class. When they did not revise  and produce shoddy work the next week, I told them this;

"When you go to school, you make sure you finish your homework because your teacher in school will scold/punish you if you don't. But when you come to ballet, you come without practising because you think I am 'nice'. Practising IS doing ballet homework. If you don't practise, it means you do not respect me and it makes me very sad. It just simply mean you don't love me as much as you say" ( This must be declared with a sad and disappointed face)

Well, it works. The next week, exercises were practised and remembered. I am mean!

In every class, as I teach them and watch them grow, both in their ballet education and physically, I cannot help but develop an emotional attachment with them. It's going to be interesting when this bunch grows up and become my seniors.



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