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Clogged........ AGAIN!

The bloody kitchen was clogged AGAIN! I've had but a few blissful weeks.

I tried the 'pour a whole bucket full of water and let the pressure to the water gushing down do the trick. It did not work. It was not gushing down at all. It just sort of 'sat' there.

So I woke Andrew from his nap. It's a job that requires two people. I have a double sink in the kitchen. We tried the pump. One person using cloth and the stopper on one sink and the other pump like mad on the other. It did not work.

Both of us stared at the sink in despair. "Why don't we try what the plumber did the other day, except we do not cut the pipes?" I said. "Try la", Andrew replied.

So I went out and cut a portion of the garden hose and proceed to 'flush' the sink. At 1st, it did not work. Not enough cloth stuffed on the other side. More cloth stuffed in and topped it off with the stopper. Then suddenly, we saw that the water was not backing up anymore. It just sort of disappeared, obviously into the pipes. YAY!

After a few more minutes, we removed everything and poured in a bucket of water. We saw a great whirpool effect, with water gushing away. The last trickle leaves the mouth with a little gurgle - one of the happiest sound in the world!

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Experience is the best teacher. Nice try from there. I think you won't need to call a plumber again. Way to go. :)
July 25, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterplumbing fittings

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