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Wookie Sagas

For 5 long years, this little mutt has occupied a huge chunk of my life. The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan always tells us that we must not 'humanise' dogs because they are dogs. But he had not met Wookie.

The other day, he threw a horrendous tantrum. Wookie, I mean, not Cesar Milan. We ( Alison and I ) got home. I think I had groceries to sort out and one thing led to another, I ended up very hot and sticky. So I told him I'll go upstairs for a shower and will come down and prepare his dinner. When I got down, he had peed in the living room, pooed in front of the bathroom and pee walked all over the back area! (Pee walking is peeing AND walking at the same time) I do not think I need to elaborate the amount of mess I had to clean up. I got angry and told him that I am NOT cooking for him. He just had to wait for his father to come home to do that. Even after dinner (which his dad cooked, not me!) he still sulked and sat a distance away from me. To further show his displeasure, he had his back to me! It was much later he sauntered towards me and pawed me, telling me he wants to be friends again.

Today, he walloped the whole huge bowl of food. I made too much, but put it into his bowl anyway, thinking I may have to throw the remainder away. But he cleaned out the bowl! Later, I made more food to be stored away. He usually gets some for supper when I do that (something hubby began) But tonight, he can't have any or he'll explode. So I had to wait till Andrew takes him upstairs to bed before I pack them away.

When ever he wants to get comfortable before settling down to sleep, he will scratch the floor/ basket or whatever he is sleeping on. So that night it was rather warm, he scratched and scratched the basket. So I told him to settle down and it'll cool down. Scratching will only work up the heat.

So he settled down for a while but began to scratch again. Then he stood up and placed his front paws on the side of the basket and looked at me.Interpretation of the look, "Mummy, I am VERY HOT!!!!" ( This was coupled with a 2-sen look ) So I switched on the air-conditioning. But he got up and 'looked' at me again. "Mummy, I am STILL VERY HOT!!!!". Andrew then lectured me, told me to put the fan speed on high. After that both, father and son produced a chorus of happy snores.

Funny little mutt. One which I love so much. On certain occasions, when Alison chooses to annoy me, I will tell her, if we move to a smaller place and I am only allowed ONE child, neither she nor her brother will the one I am keeping :p



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