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Baby Dumping

"Mummy, they found a baby dumped at the river in front of the college. They are now checking DNA to find out who are the parents"

And because Alison usually rambles on with all in the day's happenings the minute she gets into the car, I semi-heard her. I had gathered that some college kid had given birth and dumped the baby near some river.

Much later (the next day, actually) I clarified with Alison and found out that the baby was thrown INTO the river. Somebody was fishing and discovered it.

My heart sank. I don't mean that my heart was not saddened when I first heard about it. I had actually thought that the birth mother left it for some passerby to pick up. I simply cannot imagine how anybody will THROW away a baby as if it is a bit of rubbish.

Picture on the front page of The StarThen, yesterday, in the local daily's front page, there was a picture which pierced my soul. On it, the police officer cradled a dead foetus found in the rubbish dump. He carried it as one will carry a baby and he gave it the dignity and human-ness which its parents did not. In the background, it showed a lady with a tissue to her eyes, almost summing up how I feel.

Baby dumping had been hitting the headlines lately and I believe they have passed a law stating that it is considered homicide. But why is it happening?

I suppose it's been happening all the time, and only recently it's been brought into the public eye. Would I point my finger at any certain causes? I do not have the expertise to do so. I only have my opinion.

We are always influenced by what we see and hear. That's what advertisements are for. to influence us that this soap product is good, that electrical appliance is better etc. It is, therefore, inevitable that we are influenced by ideas and practices of others in the media, be it television, radio or the internet.

We often watched movies whereby couples just go ahead and have sex a few minutes after they meet. I am sure contrary to common practices, being it here or anywhere else in the world, people don't actually do that. But in the movies, they are out to create sensationalism and also 'to cut the long story short'. Then sometimes, people will be 'sucked into' the belief that it does happen. Hence, the vicious circle of truth imitating art, imitating truth.

Take the current TV series for example, The Secret Life of an American Teenager, it's drugs, teen pregnancy, parents kept in the dark and 'you name it, they have it ' galore. Are all American teenagers like that? Probably not. But youths who want to feel as if they 'belong' and are 'cool' may believe that to be true and conform.

Don’t get me wrong, I like sex as much as the next person. Just look at my Pleasure list in a previous blog. This item is pretty much quite high on the list. People have to understand that if they want to play an adult game, they need to act like an adult and take responsibility as an adult.

Have sex. Ignorant about safe sex. Get pregnant. Then what do you do? Whine about 'my parents and family don't understand me. They will kill me' just do NOT cut it. Have you told them? How do you know they won't understand? How do you know they won't stand by you and see you through it? Never assume.

Get an abortion. Really? Is that the way out? I know of cases whereby the women had one too many abortions and when they really want a child, their reproductive system was probably damaged and they were not able to.

No money to get an abortion? Hide the pregnancy till full term. Give birth and THROW AWAY THE BABY?? This is the lowest low. Many childless couples out there will give an arm and leg to adopt a baby.

How can one just simply throw away a child? I may not understand and I really should not judge but there is just NO REASON in the entire world that can justify it.

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