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Ballet for life

Today, a few of my ex-students put on their soft ballet shoes and did a short class. This was to determine what they are still able to do so I can choreograph the Christmas dance items.

I was pleasantly surprised. Although bones were creaking and cracking, groans were uttered and I needed to ask Yen Nee to lead in most of the exercises, these girls bravely ventured into the deep recesses of their memory, into a compartment called 'ballet'.

When I asked them to do 16 sautes, they protested but when they did, I knew I had hit home run. Feet were pointed, body held, knees stretched, head poised................... and some have stopped for 10 years!

Goes to show, when one learns something, it'll all come back with a little persuasion. Plus, it helps when they had a terrific teacher!

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