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I cut off my toe...........


Today I went to the podiatrist again to do it. Of course I was not too excited about the whole matter but what needs to be done, needs to be done.

I was early, so I sat in the waiting area and played some 'Bad Apples' on the iPhone, feeling rather sleepy. Then, they called me in.

Dr. Ahmad said, "So you are all set? You are a brave lady." He then saw the startled look on my face. "Just kidding!"

Then he proceeded to inject the local anaesthetics for me. After the 1st jab, he wiggled my toe a bit then used some sharp instrument and poke around a bit, asking, "Pain?"

It felt numb-ish but on the 'bad side' (the side where I usually get my ingrown), it was still painful. He administered another jab........ nope, no improvement. Then he gave me a 3rd jab.

But I could still feel pain. So he told me he cannot proceed unless I feel no pain. But I made an executive decision. "Go ahead! I'll bear it. I want it OUT!"

So I gritted my teeth, closed my eyes and think happy thoughts. Thoughts of how fantastic it will be to be able to wear close toed shoes again. To be able to point and stretch my feet and put a little weight on that toe again. I also meditated on the Word of God.

Was it painful? OF COURSE! But Dr. Ahmad said that the anaesthetics did work a bit cause it not, I would have been able to bear it at all. Well, whatever, it was painful still.

Anyway, I am all settled in at home, with that foot raised on a pillow on the chair. I need to have the foot above hip level. Something to do with blood flow.

And this is how it looks like now. Alison asked me how come I did not take pictures during the procedure.Mummified

So I told her, all that time, I was thinking ........ PAIN! How to think about taking pictures?

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