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Katryna Ballerina is 6 today!

6 whole years. I honestly did not imagine it will last so long.

I was watching Julie & Julia yesterday. Julie began a year long food blog. She was always wondering if anybody reads her blog. It kind of began that way with me too. Then there were periods of lapses when I did not update Katryna and perhaps most blogs were interesting to me and me only, readership numbers declined. These days, the numbers are very low. Do I mind? Nah!

I enjoy reading my past postings. It has become my diary of sorts. "Oh! Did that happened?", "My! I forgot about that incident", "Oh ya, that was a good one"...................... Therefore, whenever I am bored, I'll just flip through the pages.

To celebrate Katryna's 6th birthday, I have included a new section - photo blogs naming it 'A Thousand Words'. Yayaya, so cliche It will be purely experimental. Anything that catches my fancy, perhaps. The layout is going to be the usual simple and bare. I am too un-adventurous to explore other possibilities. Pictures will be raw. I am not techie enough to use Photoshop. Besides, I doubt my little Netbook can run it anyways.

For those of you whom have been visiting regularly, thank you for coming and I hope you will continue to pop by.

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