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Wookie's Midnight Drama

Last night, I tossed and turned. My stomach was churning. I tried to put off going to the toilet for as long as I could. Since my toe is still bandaged up and I cannot get it wet, it meant that every toilet visit required wrapping my foot with cling film and stuffing it in a plastic bag and using rubber bands to ensure it does not get wet.

But even after that, it continued to churn. So I lay awake and played some games. Wookie was tossing and turning too. I chose to ignore him because he will fuss even further when I talk to him. Then, I fell asleep. But not long after that, I heard him puking.

I got Andrew up immediately to carry him downstairs while I cleaned up his basket. Apparently, when he got downstairs, he went to his toilet and PEED! Great big puddles of pee. So I finally figured out the tossing and turning from him. He wanted to pee.

Normally, when he wants to pee he will whine but there was no whining last night. Then he must have got so distressed that he puked.

Some people say that old married couples slowly look like each other. And sometimes, pets and their owners also share the same characteristics. Looks like Wookie and I are sharing similar characteristics. Even he has IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

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