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"Love Letters"

I do not make it a habit to send 'love letters' to my students but lately several went out. One of them even received TWO within 2 days.

These are not ordinary love letters. In fact, there's no endearments in them. Far from it. When I am overcome with rage and exasperation, they are automatically composed in my brain.

During yesterday's Teaching Class, Bee Hong remarked that she heard about the 'love letters' I sent out a few days ago. Mandy asked what are they? So I told her to annoy me enough and I will send her one too.

She then asked if it's like, ' Please come for class............' Bee Hong looked incredulous and told her, "In your dreams! Where got the word PLEASE!"

So I told her, if she does not want a personal one, just ask Person A to forward one to her so she knows what they are.

In the recent one I sent out, I also enclosed a Post Script stating that it is officially a "Love Letter" and in their life time, they would not wish to receive that many from me!

(Affected people's names are not disclosed to protect their reputation!)

I am now wondering how many have I sent out before. Calling all ex-students, have you received any from me before?  It can't be that many or I would certainly have remembered them. Then again, my memory has not been amazing these days.


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