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Mummy, your blog is DEAD!

Nope it's not dead. Just dormant for a while. Suddenly, I am overwhelmed with other stuff.

I have just finished my Supervisor Visits. Just finished the reports. I just don't like the writing report bit.

I have so many more dances to choreograph for Christmas. It's all sort of stuck in my brain. Constipated.

Once this week is over, I think i can breathe easier. I always do after the first rehearsal, which will be on Saturday. I can't wait.

There were those Vocational Exams littered through last week and this week. But that's all over, Thank God.

Yes, I think I shall breathe easier after this week. But this week is not over yet. A busy tomorrow, Friday classes, Saturday classes plus a house dedication to go to;  and Sunday filled with church and meetings. Yes, DEFINITELY easier after this week.

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