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2011...................... Goodbye Golden Sun

2010 has come to an end, and I am approach 2011 with apprehension.

2010 had not been a terribly good year but then again, it was not bad either. There were too many 'laid up with a bad knee/ toe/ back.....................'. There were also those 'when it rains, it pours' moments.

We have moved to Klang for two whole years now. I am almost a 'Klangite'. I can understand a smattering of Hokkien, a far cry from the early days when all I wanted to order was iced Chinese tea and what I got was a herbal tea. I also know quite a few short cuts now. I get lost in Klang less frequently, which means Andrew gets less, "I am lost!" calls from me.

While being in this part of the state, it is peaceful and quiet. our gated community also prevents unwanted people disturbing us. I do miss those 'drop-by' visits from friends. Nobody ever 'drops by' anymore. They call and make appointments lest they make a cross-country trip for nothing. Yup, I miss my friends.

Living far away from the studio means less temptation for me to just hop into the car and drive to the studio to do some work. But then again, driving to the studio to teach sometimes seems a long way. This is especially so in the wee hours of the night after classes. The tendency to speed home needs to be curbed for fear of speed traps. Staying so far away also means I will have to stay over in the studio on Friday nights if I am going to find the time to train the competitors for this year's competition.

My garden is in a state of disrepair. My knee does not permit active gardening. It looks like a jungle now. My 2011 resolution is to do something about it. Bad knee or not.

But it's not all bad. Golden Sun Dark Dawn, my long awaited Nintendo DS game just came out in November to save the year. Now, every waking moment had been spent thinking about it, strategise, planning, mulling over the moves and game play. And I am sure every sleeping moment had been used dreaming about it too.

For the past few days, I have been busy preparing myself for the coming CBTS. I have dug out my previous notes. The good thing about soft copies are, one does not need to dust off cobwebs and whatever that may chose to pile up on them. But the problem is, I am sometimes too creative with filenames. I can't remember what I named them.

My sister will be coming back from Cananda in 4 days' time. I shall be meeting Renee, my new 5 month old niece for the 1st time. Excited! Keenan, my 4 year old nephew is looking so gorgeous. Can't wait!

The next few months are going to be a blur once the pace picks up, which is like this weekend. Yen Nee has been called up for National Service, so Bee Hong and I have to chip in to cut the slack. With sis plus nephew plus niece and classes and CBTS and all other whatever that needs to be done................................. *sigh* Golden Sun may have to take a backseat for now. I will only be able to spend time with it for short short time at night. A few stolen moments here, and a squeezed appointment there with it, it'll have to do.......... for now.

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