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Those weeks that were...

This shall be a post to sum up all that’s been happening for the past few weeks, which was a lot, to say the least.

Singapore Trip

To watch the ballet Don Q by the Mariinsky Theatre.

I enjoyed the ballet but mostly, I enjoyed the trip. Travelled down with David. Originally, he was supposed to be in Singapore and Putri, his girlfriend was supposed to go with us, her 1st ballet. But circumstances changed. David was back in KL and Putri had to go to Vietnam.

I had a good time catching up with Wanz, Janice and their other halves J We had the most delicious duck in Singapore ( so I think )

I even managed to do some shopping, bought Reeses’ earphones for Alison AND the ones she can eat too. David and I stayed at the Swiss Hotel at Clarke Quay. The room we stayed in had the most gorgeous high ceiling. It feels as if I am sleeping in a castle turret.

I had a very long dinner with Kin Wee too. We talked and talked and talked........all the way through the watering holes at Clarke Quay, all the way to the hotel room too.

Shopping did not consist of only Reeses. I even bought some CDs and most of all; I got the entire DVD collection of Tin Tin J

Back to KL

It was classes, classes and more classes because the major exams are just weeks away.  There were also a few PTS assessments in between. Then suddenly, there was a break in the routine.......

Dad in ICU

We were just going out on a Sunday evening for David’s decoy birthday dinner (Decoy? More explained later) when parents’ neighbour rang and told me Dad fell. We rushed over and found Dad in fits on the floor. Ambulance was called for. But I did not want to wait. The neighbours were so helpful. They bundled Dad up onto a soft foldable mattress and carried him to the car. Andrew then sped his way to the hospital with me sitting on the edge at the back and Dad lying down. He was convulsing, with his eyes rolled back. Throughout the journey, he held my hand, no; I meant he squeezed my hand really tight, due to the fits. Speeding meant speeding with quick sharp stops and twisting and turning on the road. With that, whatever I did to improve my back and knees for the past months was shot to bits.

We got to the ER, Dad was stabilised and scanned. He was then placed in ICU for 2 days. It was only on the 2nd day that he recognised me. Doctor said that he suffered a mild stroke. He stayed in the hospital for about 6 days, came home to my sister’s for recuperation. I, then, went to

Singapore, again

This time was a surprise visit organised by Putri for David’s birthday. Andrew, Alison and I made our way to the Lion City in the early hours of the morning. We had to drop Dad’s meds and keys at sister’s place too. Nikki had to go to the babysitter’s, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Apparently she made friends with the babysitter’s poodle and they think obstacle racing is great fun. Tearing all over the house, jump up the sofa, down to sofa, round the table, totally dizzying everybody!

When we got to the restaurant, we got things ready. Balloons were fastened, chairs were decorated with ribbons etc. Alison and I checked out the Ben and Jerry’s store, which is definitely NOT a place diabetics should be. We practiced the ‘surprise greet’. Then we waited. And waited AND WAITED! David was an hour late! But who can blame him? He, as usual, was totally oblivious of the whole event and thought it was a leisurely Saturday afternoon lunch for 2.

But we had a good time, and he was REALLY SURPRISED!

Then, we went to check out the new LV store, which was really nice. I even managed to get a new pair of shoes, simply because mine broke!

At midnight, we went for steamboat – apparently a Singapore culture.

The next day, we went to hunt for Alison’s mini Domos plus checked out a few other places in Orchard. And we went to Sentosa Island but we did not go into the theme park. Alison loved the Hershey’s place. There was a Candylicious too. Definitely not diabetic –friendly again.

We caught the late night flight back into reality.

Mum stayed over/ Major Exams

Mum suffered a massive stroke about 11 years ago and so she not very mobile. I managed to persuade my weekly cleaner to work full time looking after Mum and Dad but she’s only able to do so on Thursday. So Mum had to stay with me on Tuesday and Wednesday, which itself, not a problem. Except that Wednesday is an exam day. So I got up early, got breakfast and lunch ready. Got the dog ready. Helped Mum with a bath. Switched on the TV to the only Chinese channel and left. After Suyin went in for her exam, I called Mum. Phone rang but no answer. Perhaps, she’s in the toilet. Waited another 10 minutes, rang again, no answer. A flicker of worry. Maybe she’s trying to figure out the cordless I set up for her. Called again in 5 minutes, and again and again.........Panic in full force. Told some people at the exam centre I have to go back to check on Mum. Walked in the rain to my car which was so far away, drove like a mad woman in the rain and jam, with a finger on the redial.  When I got back, I yelled, “Mum! Mum! “from the gate, fumbling with the lock and ran in. She was happily lying down on the sofa watching TV! Apparently she pressed some button on the cordless and muted the phone!!!!!

That was Drama 1. Drama 2 happened that night. She got up in the night and walked to the bathroom even when she has a commode in the room. She fell! Luckily, nothing was broken.

Now, the majors came and went without much drama, thank God. Therese and Fong May’s was in the afternoon. Almost at the same time on different floors. I did not wait for them to finish because I wanted to rush home to Mum. The next day, Thursday, I was off to

My 3rd Synvisc Jab

The maid came and I left Mum with her at home while Andrew dropped me at the hospital for my jab. The whole event went as scheduled. That was last Thursday and I am still resting it now. It’s been a rather boring few days, quite a break, really after such dramatic few weeks.

I have been watching TV series, playing Zelda, rearranging my bookshelf, spending quality time with Nikki...........

Yup, quite an eventful few weeks.


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WOW! Mrs. Cheong, it was a VERY eventful few weeks for you. Hope your dad is recovering well.
October 13, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSuzanne

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