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Nikki the Huntress

Now, does this look like a ferocious creature to you? With hunter instincts and with the mode on 'kill'? But I expect she's true to her name, Nikki (after Nikita the spy - aptly named by her Godpa Ju)

Last night, she killed a lizard and lay its limp, cold and clammy dismembered body on my foot!!!!!! I was sitting down to my nightly dose of Law & Order SVU when she walked up to me and laid something on my foot. I am pretty used to that. She will often lay her toys on me. But this time, it felt different, it felt clammy. My 1st thought was, it must be some bits of paper she chewed up, perhaps it's Astro since I have been having trouble with them. Then emergency mode suddenly switched on and with a frappe movement ( It was not grand battement since the movement was not the entire leg - this is added information for ballet buffs) I flicked the limp remains about 5 feet away! Thank God it was not on the bad leg or that will do some serious damage to the recuperating knee.

I freaked out, in one swoop carried the huntress up, wiped her mouth very thoroughly and forced her to drink LOTS of water. (I heard somewhere lizards are poisonous, or was that frogs. Maybe it was toads) I, then, zoomed into the bathroom and poured Dettol (neat) onto my foot and srubbed even harder than an surgeons before surgery)

All those while, the thought on my mind was, ' Oh no! Oh no! I have to pick that .......thing..... up to throw it away. Nobody's home!' Then my thoughts switched to how many tissues will be sufficient so I won't need to 'feel' it's body at all. Then, Alison walked in! I am saved!!!!!!!!

Ali, then helped me get rid of the body. We also discovered bits and pieces of 'it' stuck on Nikki's hanky. I usually give her a hanky to play with. Obviously this lizard must have been chewy or distasteful and she decided to 'wipe' it off her mouth. I incoherently semi yelled instructions to poor Alison on how to get rid of those bits - by water jet with a rubber hose into the toilet. " Did you get every little bit off?" "Yes" "Are you sure?" "Yes" "Please check again" "It's all GONE, Mummy!"

Then, it was Dettolrize the whole house time. I poured so much Dettol into the mopping pail that we smelt like a hospital! All through the night, I was on edge, wondering everytime she ran around, if she's after another lizard!

Nope, I did not reprimand her. I believe her intentions were good. She loves me so much that she gave her 'prize' to me. Shih Tzus are 'lion dogs' but I think she's taking the lion bit a little too seriously.

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