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Rubbish oozing out

This is my own tiny little corner and I can say/do whatever I like. Today, I'd like to rant a little about how people's FaceBook/Twitter's updates reflect on their personal reputation.

All of us wish to be heard. We want to air our opinions, we like others to think we are witty, smart.....and so on.

I am all for a bit of news on what's going on in your life. Or if something interesting or significant has just happened. I am even all for a bit of quips or sayings to brighten up somebody's day. But is it necessary to update one's status every 15 minutes

Wait, perhaps, for some people, for every 5 minutes something exciting does happen. Look at the TV series 24. Things keep happening every minute! Maybe I just lead a humdrum life. Excitement for me is to slash some enemies in my Zelda game and get out of a locked room. Or perhaps the thought of watching an episode of one of my favourite TV series.There's also those moments watching a delightful dance.

What is the point tweeting "I'm hungry" and 15 minutes later tweet a "I'm still hungry" Just raid the fridge!

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against tweeting or FB updates. I also do it. But sometimes, I think we all have to take some responsibility to what we actually put up. Opinions can and will be formed by the representation of what one puts up. I have actually deleted people from my FB list simply because of the utter rubbish those people put up.

I think there's something like 'follow' on both Twitter and FB.And one strives to get as many followers as possible. I also know of people who regards making it to 'top posts' very important. Does that signify acceptance? Does it mean one is popular? Does it mean we have many friends?

I prefer to be obscure and have just a few people who actually care about what's been happening to me than to have hundreds of idiotic responses to my updates.

For anybody who's reading this ( me included, for this blog is mainly to refresh my own memory some time in the future ) please do re-assess your updates. Nobody needs to know you have not pooed today, unless you have not pooed for a week and requires prayers for your wellbeing or suggestions of remedies on how to make those poo materialise.

Be careful of what you write or put up. It may come back to haunt you or turn around and bite you. We all need to assume responsibility and ownership. When rubbish oozes out via Twitter/FB, it just only means there's nothing but rubbish inside that person.

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