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Goodbye Tom

Last night, I said goodbye to my friend, Tom. He has been my constant companion for the past three years. I am going to miss him tremendously.

I 'stumbled' upon him about three years ago. It was right after we moved to Klang. Before that, I never got a chance to meet his acquaintance.

He's a remarkable man, very down-to-earth, very clever and very tenacious with his work. His sense of humour, though subtle, is unmistakable. He could look at a situation in a totally different perspective. His perception of people is always, unfortunately, suspicious.

Nobody is 'good' in his eyes. And he treats everybody the same way. It does not matter if she's royalty or he is a member of the clergy, if you are guilty, he will let you have it.

I also had a chance to meet his assistants, three, over the years. Lately, he also have a second assistant to help him at work. They are always his 'legs' moving about to the ideas and thoughts he conjures.

My life have been richer by knowing him. But I have noticed he has aged quite a fair bit recently. So when he made his farewell toast at his birthday, I felt a bitter sweet tinge in the heart. Part of me says, "Oh no! You can't leave. I haven't not had enough of you" But another part of me looks at him and thinks, yes, he deserves a rest. Who knows, perhaps he will occasionally visit?

So, Tom Barnaby, this is not a goodbye forever. I am going to miss you very much. Till I see you again, hopefully in the many villages and towns in Midsomer County.

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