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Day 4 - Still missing him

It is true. It IS getting a little better. Getting up and not see him in his basket at the bottom of my bed does not produce that stabbing pain. It feels like a dull ache now, set with heaviness.

I don't miss him any less though. Even the cats in the neighbourhood misses him. They have been crying, meowing, as if they are looking for him. This evening when we got back, we saw Ginger standing at our gate.

Ginger often peeps in through the grill gate and 'meows' at Wookie. It used to drive him nuts because he can't go out to give chase. Ginger will then proceed to saunter under my car and stretch himself out with Wookie barking in frenzy. Several times, Ginger peeps in and Wookie was sleeping, Ginger literally 'rolls' his eyes in contempt as if to say, "Lazy Bum"

As I type this recount, my eyes remain dry. Am I learning to cope with the loss at last? Or are there no more tears left in me?

I honestly do not know but I do know that I am still missing him A LOT!

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