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The evening's the worst.

In the evening, around 6, I miss your pawing. You will always remind me to get you your dinner and I will always tell you to be patient for a few more minutes, till Mummy finish up whatever I am doing. Now there's just silence.

When I walk into the kitchen, you were always my shadow. But now, nothing. The kitchen seems so empty and quiet without you. When I go into the bathroom, you will wait at the door, sometimes even try to squeeze in.

When I am working at the dining table, you will be lying at my feet. Now it's vacant.

Bell Bell and Ginger came into the garden this morning. They were sitting by the pond. Perhaps for cats, the official mourning period is two weeks.

But for me, today is still NOT the day for me to get up, clean off the ashes and begin a new journey. I am still missing you too much.

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