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Now there's just emptiness and silence.

It's 4 weeks now since Wookie left us. I'd like to say it's getting easier but it's not. Not one day passes without my thinking about him, missing him, wishing he's still here.

I would wake up in the silence of the night and not hear him snore or move in his basket and miss him. The house is so still and quiet in the day without him. I will turn around half expected to see him behind me but there's only emptiness.

Andrew told me to let it go. Patrick told me to let it go. I am trying, really trying so hard. But everything reminds me of him. Even buying chicken, which he loved so much.

I have had pets before but I have never experienced what I am going through now. Simply because, my Baby was not a pet. He was my Baby, my companion.

Now there's just emptiness and silence.

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