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Goodnight, Baby.

It is good to have friends. It is good to have people who care, who prays for you and who will encourage you to go on.

I have all of those. Messages comes from all over, to hang in there and they keep telling me, it gets better. Perhaps, I can believe that. It seemed a little better.

Yesterday, I kept myself occupied with teaching and competition training. The andrenaline pushed me so high. Friends who stick around online till 3AM to keep me occupied are to be treasured. Then today is a full day of classes. To cap it off, it's Dad's birthday dinner. I forgot I am on antibiotics and took wine. Now 'I feel the earth move under my feet' !!!!

Nathalee said I should get a puppy ASAP. Not to replace you, my Baby. No one can ever do that. She said she read somewhere it'll ease the pain and occupy me with something to look after again. Am I ready? Are we ready?

Today, I shared your death with so many classes. Some have met you before but even those whom have not knows you so well. I have shared your pictures, your videos, your cute, funny. weird stories with them. They felt as if they know you as well too. They, too, cried for you. Even little ones like the Grade 2's offered solutions to my grief.

But tonight, I think I am too stoned to hurt. Perhaps that is just as well. Perhaps, I will get a good night's sleep. Goodnight, Baby.


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