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'Elvis' has left the building!

The Cheong house is once more rat-free ( I think ) I cleaned up the kitchen, sanitised it with Dettol concentrate. For 2 whole days, it smelt like the hospital. No new poo detected. I have not seen it either. It must have come to the conclusion that this place is pathetic, no food. I also cleared up clutter on the counter top and it cannot hide anywhere now. 'Elvis' has left the Cheong house. Hip! Hip! Hurray.

Last Sunday was the roller coaster day. I have not shed a tear since Tuesday and today is already Saturday. Perhaps it does get better. People have been advising against getting another Shih Tzu. They say I may compare subconsiously, may be reminded and feel sad. I say that the jury is still out on that point.

I say, no matter what breed of a pup we get, I will still remember, I will still miss Wookie, perhaps even subconsiously compare but I shall constantly remind myself, he/she is not Wookie and nobody can be Wookie, ever. God made him and broke the mould. Andrew and I always said he was a 'lemon', with so many phobias and problems but he was OUR LEMON.

Baby, mummy has once more defended our hamlet. Love you.

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