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Happy Birthday, my Baby. 

Tomorrow, you would have been six, Baby. You burst into our lives and brought so much sunshine. But you were a candle that went out too fast.

I am missing you as much as before. Even more so today. You were our most perfect imperfect pup. With you funny eyes, lopsided nose, overly long tongue that makes you drool so much. We loved every bit of you. Your lovely fan tail, your paws which you loved to lick. Your floppy ears.

I miss your excited pants when you see me at the door. I miss your whines in the middle of the night when you let me know you need the toilet. I miss cooking for you. I miss cleaning for you. I just simply miss having you around.

When will I stop missing you? Never! But I hope the grip that wrenches my heart will not be so painful in time to come. I hope I will be able to look at your pictures and remember with fondness and not with that tightness within the depths of me. We will probably have many puppies in years to come but you are my 1st and you will always have a special place in my heart.

Happy Birthday, my Baby.

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