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Spring Cleaning

Today I spring cleaned the house. I cleared the dining table. When David got home, he said, "Wow! I can see the table!" This has always been the case every year, whenever I am on a project. ISP finished 2 weeks ago. All my reports are done and sent to London. All my PTS 1st Visits are done and that includes the reports. So, it's time to clear the clutter.

However, this time it was a little harder. I also packed away Wookie's stuff. I had already kept his towels and facecloths. I needed to clear his shelves. Yes, my Baby has his own shelves, where I keep his wet wipes, tissues, cloths. I also have to stack away all those newpapers so kindly given to me by Soon and Meei Tyng just a few days before his passing.

All day, the tears were brimming just at the back of the eyes but it did not well over. I am glad. I need to move on. Tiny steps, softly surely, I need to move on, lovingly treasure the memories. God, please help me.


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