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Keeping busy

It is good to keep busy. This morning, it was a trip to blood tests for parents. After which, we also went grocery shopping. I learnt a valuable lesson today. I know today, that I cannot take my parents out solo again.

I could not get Mum's wheelchair up and down the curb. Therefore, we used the road as much as possible. And when we do that, I have to worry about Dad walking into oncoming traffic.

Hence, it was pushing the wheelchair with one hand, trying desperately not to topple it over, holding on the Dad's arm and all the time watching for other road hazards. *sigh*

Grocery shopping was as usual. Mum or Dad will remember something which they need but only after we have gone past those aisle and over to the other side of the store. So the routine would be, walk, walk, walk, with me asking, "What else do you need?" The reply would probably take me to the other end. Back and forth..................

When I got back, I took a shower and when I was getting dressed, I injured my bad knee........again. This time I heard a distinct 'pak!' from behind the knee. Now I am ice-ing it.

I had not cried, and that's good. Last night, after dinner, I missed my Baby's ritual of climbing up the sofa. He would play with the pillows, pant and gasp and give a magnificient leap off when anyone of us yell, "Hey!"

Yet another facet to miss.

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