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Tour de Selangor

Due to my knee injury, I was unable to go into classes today. Andrew and I got up, went to grab some breakfast and then he asked me what I want to do, since I can't walk.

Then he suggested going to Banting, a slow leisurely drive. Well, why not. We took the Klang town way (which was a mistake since it was chocked-a-block) and went on and on and on.

We found Banting. I then goggled for Beggar Chicken because Andrew said Banting was famous for it. We did find it and we also found Bukit Jugra. When we got to Bukit Jugra, we were probably the only humans there. The monkeys looked at us like how locals will look at tourists.

From there, we went on and on and stopped by at Morib. From Morib, it was further on to Tanjung Sepat then Sungai Pelek, then Sepang before turning into Nilai to head on home. Somewhere between Sungai Pelek and Sepang we also stopped to get some durians.

It had been an interesting day. We got out of the house but it did not mean that we forgot Wookie. I kept thinking how he would have enjoyed the long car ride and if we would have to stop for him to pee etc.

Andrew told me to take a break and he made sure I did.

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