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Kirsten's Birthday Outing

I am posting something other than Wookie ( do I hear some of you sigh in relief - at last she's over it. Nope, I will never miss him any less but as a friend tells me, I shall cry less)

Anyways, this is an important post. It's about my birthday outing with my god-girl, Kirsten. She's now a gorgeous, vivacious, lovely 7 year old.

So Monday was HER day. I picked her up early from school (Special permission! No less) We went to KLCC (her choice) All the way, she was chattering away, telling me heaps of stuff. I was struggling to hold a great conversation with her, due to my mouth ulcers. She told me how in her dream, she transported at least 25 people in her 'car' to Unicorn Land, where she's the Princess and they all changed into unicorns. I was glad she did not say she included me in her 25 strong unicorn wannabes.

When we got to KLCC, we walked a bit and she showed me the place where she wanted lunch. We went down the escalator. " Godma, don't touch the sides. It's dirty. Mummy says, people might have dugged their noses and then touch the sides" Truly, a very sensible advice. Remember folks, don't touch the sides unless you want to touch nose poo.

Then she asked me if I know what 'M' is. Of course, being the smart Godma that I's MacDonald's! "Correct! How did you know, Godma?"

"Do you want that for lunch?"

"Mum says I must not because it's junk food"

"But it's your birthday. And since it's your birthday, it's alright."

When we were queuing at the counter, she asked, "May I have C with it"

"Of course!"

"Do you know what 'C' is?" (This was whispered. It is, after all, a forbidden word)

"Yup. It's Coke, right?"

"Yes!", replied a deliciously happy 7 year old.

So we sat down to a Happy Meal complete with fries and a free SpongeBob cup and chocolate sundae too, while I struggled to slither wantans down my throat without aggravating my ulcers.

Then I asked her to hold up her Happy Meal to take a picture so that I can put it on FaceBook for Daddy to see. "NO! Mum will see it!"

"It's ok, I'll tell Mum" (Oops! Er, Mum, you are now being told!)

Then, we went to Kinokuniya and she picked her own present. A lovely choice of a complete collection of Disney princesses.

When I sent her home, she also shared her book with her sister, Jorja. I thought it was such a lovely gesture to allow Jorja to read it even before she did. On our way home, I talked about the the ballet exams this weekend, which she and Jorja will be taking. She told me she coached Jorja and tried to teach her to stretch her feet on her skips but she, in her own words, "Always changkul, changkul". That means Jorja did not stretch her feet.

Amazing how seven years zipped by. Seems like just yesterday when she was just a little baby. But at whatever age, I still enjoy them. These are privileges of being Godma. I can give them forbidden food. I leave the disciplining to their parents and most of all, I get to take them out on their birthday!


Reader Comments (2)

Nice !

Thanks for taking her out that day (good Godma) but not so much for all the 'work' you've left for me afterwards (naughty Godma!)

It seems like it was just yesterday when I blogged this:

May 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJulian
Your Blog is alive!!!!!!!
May 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKaty

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