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House Hunting

Today is a day of massive house hunting for my parents. It's been nearly 3 years since they moved nearer to me. The house which was rented for them has recently been sold and they need to move to another house.

But, of all times, property soared and there's ABSOLUTELY no houses nearby to rent. Even houses for sale are scarce. So, it's been an endless barage of calling agents, viewing houses, discussing terms ............. then to come to a dead end.

It is so difficult to get a suitable house. Mum can't climb the stairs so it's all downstairs living for them. The downstairs room are always a little too small. It has to be nearby or I'll be killing myself going back and forth. It has to have a sitting toilet downstairs because Mum needs a sitting toilet. It cannot face the evening sun because parents have specifically said so. *sigh*

God, I know you have that right one for me..........................please don't test me too long. I am at the end of my wits now!


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