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Exactly 2 months

One of my most favourite picture of WookieMay 15th, exactly 2 months. Emily told me not to count. I can't help it. I was on my way to pick examiners up for exams in the studio today. Then I remembered the date, then I remembered it being exactly 2 months, then those 'waves' hit me again and tears rolled. I can't help it, Emily, I just can't.

But today I want to remember Wookie's animal friends. Once a baby rat got into the house. Wookie was such a friendly guy, anybody was immediately his friend. He gave chase but we got him on the 3rd step whereby he could neither get up nor down. Andrew proceeded to get rid of that unwanted guest. He got it cornered and gave it a whack. The rat squealed and Wookie whined with compassion.

There was another friend whom lived to see many other days. One night Wookie pounced on something and got very excited ( the sort of 'I've got a prize' excitement ) The suddenly Alison screamed, "Eeeeeeee! There's a leg sticking out from Baby's mouth!" It was a frog's leg. It was very difficult for him to give up his 'prize' but with Greenie, mouth will open and plop! it did. The frog, toing, toing, toing to the back of the fridge. Wookie was, of course, banished to the 3rd step, again while we try to get his hoppity 'friend' from the back of the fridge. Then, Andrew let it loose near his pond. He just told me this evening he still see a frog nearby but he does not know if it's the same one since he does not speak 'frog'.

Then, of course, there are all his feline friends. Two days ago, they had a street party. The whole lot of cats were congregating on the road, sitting or lying about, chatting, oops, meowing away. Bushy Tail even invited a stray to the party but I think the stray did not feel 'belonged' and walked away to the next road. They still come around the house sometimes.

I think Wookie had more non-canine friends. He does not seemed to mix well his own kind. He's had some shouting, oops, barking sessions with the neighbourhood dogs. Not very friendly barks, I must say.

Tomorrow we are bringing Nikki Coco home. She will continue Wookie's legacy. She will be loved and adored. She will be given the best care possible. She will continue to complete the Cheongs.

Ang told me, as I take care of Nikki Coco, I will probably be reminded of Wookie. Of course he is right. But I don't need anything or anybody else to remind me of him. He is so constantly in my mind. At any blank or idle moment, he's there. When I am driving he's there, when I am lying in bed, he's there. In my entire life, I have never lost someone so close to me.

Nikki's not a replacement. Nikki's a continuance. Welcome to the family.The 1st picture of Nikki Coco

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