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Nikki's 1st night

It's confirmed. Blogging on the Squarespace app for Iphone is a bummer. This is the THIRD time I am posting this and NOT via my phone. The app is probably convenient for 1-liner posts. Ok, maybe 2 lines. But I think 3 lines is the absolute maximum.

Nikki had a good night. I was waiting for Andrew and Alison to come home to take over babysitting but they got held up in the traffic. Missy I Don't Want To Stay In The Kitchen whined and whined when I went upstairs to take a shower. When I came down, she was in the process of rearranging the boxes I used to block her way into the living area. So I let her out, played with her for a while, then 'sayanged' her to sleep. I then crept out of the house to work. Feels so like having a baby in the house.

We had competition practice till late last night and I did not get home till nearly 3am. When I got home, Nikki was sleeping next to Andrew's feet by the sofa. She got up to greet me, of course.

So I took her upstairs into her new sleeping basket. When I was taking a shower, she whined and whined. (Strange new place. Mummy not in the room, HELP!) So when I got out, I placed her on my lap and lulled her to sleep ( I was nodding off as well ) Then, I slowly placed her into her basket. It must have been nearly 4 am.

At 6am, she whined to wake me up to let me know she peed in her bed. No sweat. A change of towel, bringing the basket nearer to me so that I can sort of dangle my arm over the side of my bed into her basket calmed her down to sleep again and she slept till 9am. I woke up early to have a leisurely shower sans the whining. When we got Wookie, he cried for 3 days. The pet shop from where we got him told us to make sure he stays in the cage for 3 days. But novice to puppies then, I didn't know better. Now, looking back, I think it's a pretty stupid advice. He was probably so scared, in a strange house with strangers. I did try to comfort him from outside the cage but what he needed was probably touch.

Nikki's taken breakfast, pooed and peed and she's running about exploring and playing. It's going to be a long journey of discovery for both her and us. Discover each other, discover the joys and frustrations, discover how we may adjust ourselves to each other. Yes, this definitely feels like a 'baby in the house'

Fast asleep in her basketPS: She was whining, asking me to open a cupboard for her to take a look. Well, Missy, you don't get access to EVERYTHING in the house. I AM the Alpha ( I think )



Reader Comments (3)

Aaww... Nikki is so precious and such a baby! ♥

Thanks for sharing this Mrs Cheong. Good description on what I can expect when we do get a puppy in the future.
May 18, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSuzanne
Well, Suzanne, make sure you have a few days free to adjust the puppy and yourself. Just like a new baby, you will lose sleep. Feeling kinda like a zombie at the moment.
May 18, 2011 | Registered CommenterKaty
Hi Ms Katy,

Nikki is real cute! She's lucky to have you and your family!

Btw, I just brought my dog Ah O for a swim last weekends. Is there any dog pool in KL too? It was quite a fun although he was very timid of water.
May 23, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterChoo Ting

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