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Wookie was all grownup

Over the years, Wookie grew up before our very eyes. But because he did it so gradually, we never noticed and we always thought he was still so puppy-like in mannerism.

Nikki has showed me the contrast of how 'grownup' Wookie was. Nikki has this profound fascination with shredding her 'toilet paper' (newspaper) Wookie grew out of it. Later on, the only interest he has for it would be, is it clean enough? let me not detect a miniscule trickle of pee or I shall reject it and pee elsewhere' And normally it will be a spot which screams minimum effort for maximum destruction a.k.a the area of the floor which slopes and has a slightly higher gradient and cause a yellow river effect.

Wookie also outgrew his gnawing habit. We, of course, realised that a while back. But we did not remember how destructive it can be. Nikki is teething. Tiny little ones are just breaking out from the gums. She is grating them on practically everything she sees. Now they are so tiny, they are not doing much destruction yet but I foresee the rest of the newer furniture not marked by her 'Kor Kor' clearly stamped with the 'Nikki was here' marks.

Wookie knew the meaning of patience and that is definitely a sign of being grownup. Nikki's all, now, Now, NOW!

Am I comparing? Nah! Just mere observations. Andrew asked me yesterday if having Nikki makes it better. It brought a flood of tears because one does not switch on or off missing someone. Having Nikki keeps me busy and being busy is good. I honestly do not miss him any less. The one thing that both of them do ( but I am sure you people out there who has dogs will tell me, all dogs do the same ) is follow me everywhere. The instance I get up from my chair, they will follow me. I love the way both Wookie and Nikki observes as I potter about in the kitchen, absorbing every move as if they are learning the process.

Wookie would have loved Nikki. She will definitely be a match for him, being boisterious, curious and playful. They would have tore the house down.


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