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Sherpa Tenzing Cheong

That's one of Nikki's aliases. Last night, Andrew came upstairs to bed, leaving her downstairs because I sensed that she prefer to be downstairs. At 3AM, Andrew had to save a squealing pup halfway up the flight of steps. In puppy sense, I think the whole flight of steps is equivilant to Mount Everest.

This morning, I saw with my very own eyes, how she squeezed through the baby gate and climbed up. The gate was installed specifically for Wookie. When we move to this house 3 years ago, Wookie was already all grown so he could not get through. Therefore, we Wookie-proofed the house but it's not Nikki-proofed.

I managed to video the 2nd half of the climb. Make sure you watch the end, the most interesting bit.

Sherpa Tenzing Cheong from Katy Cheong on Vimeo.

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