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Today I went to Precious Pets

Today, Alison and I went to Precious Pets. We were browsing around for soft toys for Nikki Coco Cheong. The girl who used to groom Wookie came over and asked how is he and that she has not seen him for a while.

It was already difficult for us. We just saw the Elephant, Wookie's Baby. With that question, it tipped me over, yet once again. I had to tell her that he's gone and with the usual questions of how, when etc. We could see that she was also sad. He has touched lives wherever he went.

These few days have been particularly difficult. Everytime I am not thinking of anything in particular, he crept into my mind. And I will miss him.

We will be bringing home Nikki Coco Cheong next week. We will all love her as much as we did Baby. I have already began to puppy-proof the house. Netting on the grill gates so that she can't get out. We bought her a basket to sleep in. Toys too. Having her around will probably bring yet a flood of memories. But it will also help me move on.

Dear Lord, I miss him so much!

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I'm sure Nikki's going to bring all of you plenty of joy in the years to come.

Of course, Wookie was special and he'll always be so, but I'll bet that in time Nikki will also steal your hearts.

For sure, Wookie will always remain in your heart; hold on to his memory, let go of the pain.
May 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJulian

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