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2 weeks of Nikki

We have Nikki for 2 weeks now. She has grown in leaps and bounds. She already answers to her name. When we call, "Nikki!", she comes waddling away. Alison and I agreed that she has a sexy butt.

This morning, I thought she is nearly toilet-trained and I moved her toilet tray to the back. She got a little confused but nevertheless, she made her way to the back to pee later in the day. Smart girl. She found her toilet. But of course, there's still accidents here and there.

She discovered how to bark and growl 2 days ago. So when I was giving her some one-to-one time, she clamoured up to me and showed me her bark and growl, with a happy smile on her face.

I also concluded that Wookie must have left some kind of manual of 'How a Cheong pup must act'. There are so many similarities to their behaviour. Or perhaps, it's just the breed.

Nikki knows no fear. She's not afraid of the dark, of height, of water, of firecrackers. In short, she's Nikki Fearless.

She has helped me make a tremendous leap forward by keeping busy with her, looking after her and loving her has occupied me and made it easier. And yes, remembering Wookie seemed more bearable. Cry? Of course but the pain is not so sharp now. More like a dull ache.

Baby, you have given us so much. The insight on how to bring up Nikki too. I miss your enthusiasm, your exuberence and your energy. I even miss your drool.


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