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Drama malam ini

I was happily whasapping my sister, Jasmine when my phone rang. 2 short rings and it stopped. It was my Dad's handphone. And it's already 1am. I panicked. My parents will not call at such an hour unless it's an emergency. I tried to call back and after 10 minutes. I decided I could not just sit there and try re-dialing after re-dialing. I got changed and sped over. They have just moved and there's no land line yet. And they have also moved further away. As I sped along, the 'further away' seemed even further than 'further away' When I got there, they were both still awake, watching TV! Then I found out what had happened. Dad switched off the handphone to charge and when he was switching it off, he accidentally pressed '1' which is speed dial for me. Of course, after calming down, I explained to him that he does not need to switch off his phone to charge.

I need to borrow a few more phones, get some pre-paid numbers and leave them lying about in their house. At least until they get a land line. @_@

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