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No rest for the wicked

And hence, I must be VERY wicked.

Since the beginning of the year, it had been wave upon wave of activities and happenings. The Intermediate and Intermediate Foundation course finished on Saturday and for the past few days, I had been busy trying to get my accounts in order for the tax submission at the end of the month. Here, I shall digress a little.  I began my data entries last week and discovered I am short of 4 receipt books. I looked everywhere, asked Andrew and still could not find it. So I asked Bee Hong to have a look for me again at the studio. I knew I couldn't do it myself since course began on Thursday. She said, no cannot find. I panicked. I went home from the 1st day at course and literally turned the whole house up-side-down. Still nowhere to be found.

That night, I even used body shampoo on my hair. Not intentionally. I was deep in thought mulling over the question of , 'where can they be' and I did not even know I used the body shampoo instead.

So, never mind. Be brave and tell the accountant I could not find it. But of course, in the midst of applying body shampoo to my hair, I was already into Plan B mode - to work the accounts backwards from my daily record book. Thank God, I am always persistent on triple entries, receipt book, fees book AND a record book.

So the day after the course, we made our way to the studio to get the record book. And since I was there, I thought I might as well, have a quick look-see and lo and behold! I found ALL FOUR lurking at the corner of the the filing cabinet.Whew!

Anyway, back to the being wicked. I completed the entries yesterday and thought I could have a day and maybe even 2 before the trainees' final assignment drafts come in to be looked over. BUT! When I was on my way out this morning, a car came from a slip road and hit me.

Women can shout gender equality till they turn blue but there's no such thing. He came out of his car, looked at his damage and accused me of going so fast. How fast could I have gone? I just came out from my road and I was minding my own business driving along the straight road. He did not stop and he did not keep to his side of the lane. Had I not swerved, we would have a head-on collision. Change of topic. Even typing about it causes churning in my stomach.

So I went to May, and had a good tortured trigger pressure massage and on my way back, Dad called. The pipe in my parents' house burst. I had to frantically look for a plumber and flew over to try and rescue my parents. Fortunately lifeboat was not required.

By the time, I was done, with grocery shopping and all, the whole day is gone.

Indeed, I must be very wicked for I cannot find rest.

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